April 11

That was the date of the last post on here. It is 5 days until October 11. That is six months, in case you were counting on your fingers like I do.

I hope to be combining the writing duties with my wife on here in the very near future, which means that the name will probably need to be changed.
Oh, you didn’t hear? I have a wife now. And plenty of wedding gifts to stave off any shopping trips that we wouldn’t be able to afford. She also came with a rug. It was hand woven in Kashmir. I’m not allowed to walk on it very much.

She is lovely and will be on here soon. But until then, hold tight. I’m still alive. And still in London.




April showers…

Bring April flowers. Which is why I decided to take a trip to the east side of London this past weekend to the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.

As a way to discover the city I have been picking a market to go to every Saturday. I usually grab a bite to eat while I am there and then wander around that part of town for a couple hours.

This weekend was Columbia Road. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting very much. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and was in a bit of a foul mood, so I was not enthused during the trip over and I kept thinking, “Why am I going to a flower market?”

I was incredibly surprised. This was easily the most fun market I have been to. Here is a story book:


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From the bottom rung looking up: Big Ben

With a nod to storyteller extraordinaire Seth Putnam

Big Ben from the bottom looking up Glen McMurry

With the SES London conference being so close to the landmarks, I have been able to spend a little time with Big Ben this past week.

The Magic School Bus

School girls in London from Glen McMurry's blog

When I’m feeling lazy I sometimes ride the bus for a little over a mile to catch the train into Waterloo.  These double-deckers are always packed downstairs with business people, but if you opt for moving up top you are in for a real treat. Continue reading

Lessons From Nelson

If you are looking to find a way to increase the amount of time you have to read you should really consider moving to a big city in a foreign country.  You’ll have somewhere around ten hours of flying time to get there which will later be supplemented by an hour travel time to and from work five days a week. Not to mention, plenty of time to read during periods that you would normally spend with the multitude of friends you are yet to make. Continue reading



Post about being British by Glen McMurry


here I have learned two big things:

1) Everyone has an accent in London, which is almost never British… It seems like everyone in the city is from a different country

2) Those who actually are British hardly speak English

That’s why I have started compiling a list that will ease your transition when you come to visit jolly ol’ England.  Continue reading

London Calling…

London Skyline Glen McMurry

If anybody knows where this picture was taken from, let me know so I can rent out the apartment

Want a life update?

Here it is:

I’m moving to London.

Yarp. London. At least, that’s the plan. Continue reading